Kevin Lay youth travel grants STILL AVAILABLE

15 August 2012

Kevin Lay youth travel grants STILL AVAILABLE photo


THE KEVIN LAY FOUNDATION are currently considering further applications for their travel grants scheme, which since 1999, has provided over £19,000 to 65 young people.

The Foundation, founded in 1999 in memory of Kevin, a churchwarden at St Catherine’s, Littleton who was on his way to work with Tear Fund when he tragically died in a plane crash in Kosovo, aims to provide financial support for those who want to travel abroad and work on short-term projects with a Christian mission or aid agency.

It is open to young people, of any denomination, from Littleton and the surrounding area.

Missions inspired by Christian faith

The Foundation, has traditionally sought to make four to eight grants per year of £100 - 700 depending on the projected cost of a trip, length of stay and fulfillment of all criteria.

However, due to the rise in university tuition fees for the 2012 intake, many chose to forgo a gap year in 2011, and whereas nine grants had been made the year before, only two young travellers applied and received grants in 2011, going onto work on projects in Rwanda and Brazil, inspired by their Christian faith.

However, this year five grants have already been made and the Foundation are seeking to make more.


The scheme is open to anyone up to the age of 30 and who lives in and/or worships in Littleton or one of the adjacent parishes, or, in some cases, those who have close links to Littleton or St Catherine's Church but who live outside the area. Preference is given to those looking at one to six month projects over shorter-term trips.

To apply, interested persons should fill in an application form and attach a reference from a youth leader or similar person of authority within the applicant's church.

Kevin cared passionately about the social injustices of this world and felt called by God to do something actively to help. He felt it was “better to light a candle, than curse the darkness”. In his memory, Kevin Lay Grants aim to support young people, who are similarly provoked by their faith to help others in far away places.

For further information and an application form, contact Carol Ward on 01962 883185 or email her at or ring Clive Thompsett on 01962 885039.

Donations to the Foundation are also gratefully received at any time and will enable the work, which Kevin would have wanted to support, to continue.