Retreats to revitalise your religious experience

13 August 2012

Retreats to revitalise your religious experience photo


TWO NEW EXCITING RETREAT DAYS have been launched for this autumn, one offering the chance for meditation, the other a chance to connect with God through study.

Both aim to offer those with a passion for God support along their spiritual journeys as guests gain a new dimension to their Christian experience.

A Traveller at Dawn

Set in the tranquil surroundings of Hilfield Friary, ‘A Traveller at Dawn’ on Saturday 29 September will offer guests of the small community of monks and volunteers from around the world the opportunity to take part in the rhythm of prayers of the community.

Pat Nash and Fr. David Broad will lead the day of meditation and prayer, which is ideally suited for those wishing to learn more about meditation or seeking support for their own practice.

The retreat will provide the space for both small group and individual worship.

A Walk through the Old Testament.

On Saturday 6 October, there is also the opportunity for those eager to grow their connection with God through the Bible in a special study day led by Margaret Baker, former president of The Society for Old Testament.

Taught by an expert on the field, ‘A Walk through the Old Testament’ is sure to leave guests more deeply engaged and knowledgeable about the text and purpose of the Old Testament, with Margaret able to provide clarification on any parts you may have previously found challenging.

Taking place at the Ringwood Parish Rooms, there is no charge for this event but a small donation of £5 would be appreciated.

Tea & Coffee are included but guests are invited to bring their own packed lunch.

For further details of both events and whom to contact to book a place see >