Winchester churches welcome scrap metal news

13 July 2012

Winchester churches welcome scrap metal news photo


CHURCHES IN THE DIOCESE of Winchester, and Church of England directors, have today welcomed the second reading of the Scrap Metal Dealers Bill in the House of Commons, as a step towards stamping out lead thefts.

Janet Gough, Director of the Archbishops’ Council’s Cathedrals and Church Buildings Division, said: “We thank Richard Ottaway MP and all those making positive contributions to today’s debate as the Bill moves forward to its Committee Stage in the autumn.

“We are confident that the government will find time to take this important Bill forward.”

Government urged to see Bill through

Catherine Roberts, Secretary for the Diocese of Winchester DAC (the committee responsible for church buildings) added:
“This is good news, as the Bill will stipulate tougher applications for obtaining a dealer’s licence, and give greater powers to the police and local authorities to clamp down on illegal operators.”

“The second reading of this important bill is very welcome announcement, and we urge the government to continue their steps to reverse the devastating trend of metal thefts.”

The menace of lead theft and the consequential damage is the single biggest problem facing church buildings today. It has cost churches more than £27.5 million in the past six years; and offences have increased by one third between 2010 and 2011.