Construction of Pilgrims' Cross School begins

11 July 2012

Construction of Pilgrims' Cross School begins photo


WORK HAS started on the construction of Pilgrims’ Cross C of E Aided Primary School.

The School, east of Andover, is a joint effort between Winchester Diocese and Hampshire Local Authority that first began in 2009. It is scheduled to open in September 2013.

Following the tradition of church schools being built to serve the community in which they sit, the new school will serve the Picket Twenty community, a planned housing development of around 1200 houses, of which a quarter have been completed so far.

Chris Pritchard, Dioceses of Portsmouth and Winchester Schools advisor said that the proposed intake is 210 children with seven classrooms, a school hall, administrative offices and playing fields planned.

The school is named Pilgrims’ Cross after previous research in the area found evidence of a pilgrimage route and following the theme that the school will be at a crossroads for many in years to come.

Pilgrims' Cross is currently seeking a headmaster.