Private Member's Bill on scrap metal regulation

28 June 2012

Private Member's Bill on scrap metal regulation photo


RICHARD OTTOWAY MP, has introduced a Private Member's Bill to provide effective new regulation for the scrap metal industry. The Bill will receive its second reading on Friday 13th July 2012.

The government has acted to outlaw cash payments for selling scrap metal and remove the cap on fines for yards convicted of an offence. But, this will not provide the legislative framework to ensure that the cash ban is effective, and there is an exception for itinerant traders. Mr Ottoway's proposed new piece of legislation will stipulate tougher applications to get a dealer's licence, greater powers for police and local authorities to suspend and revoke licences of illegal operators, and a single national register of licensed dealers - all aimed at regularising the industry and support law abiding scrap metal dealers.

More details on the Bill may be found by following this link to the Church Buildings Council website

You can help by writing to or emailing your Member of Parliament (MP) now to support the Bill. You can find the postal and email addresses for your local MP on the following website

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