Parish Giving Scheme


PGS is a highly efficient system for helping local churches with their planned giving. It collects gifts from donors by Direct Debit, automatically adds the Gift Aid uplift if appropriate, and then remits the gross amount to the local church. 
Uniquely, it has the capability automatically to increase the donation by inflation each year, if the donor agrees. In parishes, where the scheme has already been piloted nearly 75% of donors agree to this automatic increase.


What should we do first? 

Download and read:
  1. Read the Implementation Handbook.
  2. Pray and seek God’s guidance – implementing the PGS is a significant decision affecting your church.
  3. Agree you wish to implement the PGS.
  4. Appoint a project leader.
  5. Decide on a Stewardship Programme you will use alongside the implementation of the PGS.
  6. Register with the PGS using the registration form. 
  7. The Diocesan Stewardship Adviser will then contact you and provide the necessary documentation. If this doesn’t happen within two weeks then please contact Gordon (details below)
  8. Begin planning your Stewardship Programme and implementation of the PGS.
  9. Run your Stewardship Programme and offer the PGS as a method of payment. 
If in doubt or you have any questions or queries contact the Diocesan Stewardship Adviser The Revd Gordon Randall, Tel. 01962 737323 or e-mail 


“I commend to parishes the Parish Giving Scheme"

The Right Revd Tim Dakin, Bishop of Winchester



Useful Support Documents

(All of these documents can be downloaded or provided in printed format) 



Stewardship Programmes

(you may wish to consider running alongside the implementation of the PGS) 

There are many types of Stewardship Programmes that a church can choose from. Please adopt one most appropriate to your parish and introduce the PGS through the programme as a preferred method of payment. 

There are many different and effective programmes you can use. The following offers a selection for you to consider:

  • Giving for Life – This was developed specifically by the Diocese of Gloucester to dovetail with the Parish Giving Scheme. It gives parishes the opportunity to openly discuss the Christian principles of giving alongside looking at churches’ needs today. Use this link for more detail >
  • Giving in Grace - Developed and maintained by the Diocese of Liverpool, Giving in Grace offers on-line all of the resources for running a major program, or for an annual review. Use this link for more detail >
  • Rural Giving Programme - is designed particularly for smaller, rural churches. This is part of the Stewardship Toolkit for Rural Churches. Use this link for more detail >
  • Parish Funding Programme (PFP) - This programme is designed and offered by the Diocese of Guildford. It provides a complete giving review. To access a full manual and downloadable templates > click here
  • Give 10 – seeks to resource those churches that want to teach tithing. Why provide resources for churches to tackle the question of tithing? The answer is that tithing constitutes a rich and holistic biblical model of giving which guides, motivates and underpins the generosity of many Christians in times past and today. Use this link for more detail > 
  • T.R.I.O. – This simple stewardship programme is designed to inform members of the congregation about the finances of their church and to encourage them to become more responsible in their giving, by helping them to recognise that, as far as the maintenance of the work, ministry and mission of their church is concerned...The Responsibility Is Ours. Use this link detail > 

If you have recently engaged in a stewardship programme (within the last two years) prior to the launch of the PGS you may prefer to simply offer the PGS on the back of some form of review of giving to aid the take up of the scheme.