Diocesan Synod

Diocesan Synod is the primary governing body of the Diocese.  It currently has a membership of around 160 representatives.  As with General Synod, Diocesan Synod is split by House: Bishops, Clergy and Laity.  The Bishop of Winchester is the President of the Synod, supported by the elected Chairs of the Houses of Clergy and Laity.


The role of the Diocesan Synod is set out in the Synodical Government Measure 1969:

(a)   to consider matters concerning the Church of England and to make provision for such matters in relation to their diocese, and to consider and express their opinion on any other matters of religious or public interest;

(b)   to advise the Bishop on any matters on which he may consult the Synod;

(c)   to consider and express their opinion on any matters referred to them by the General Synod, and in particular to approve or disapprove provisions referred to them by the General Synod under Article 8 of the Constitution;

(d)   to consider proposals for the annual budget for the Diocese and to approve or disapprove them;

(e)   to consider the annual accounts of the Diocesan Board of Finance of the Diocese.


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 For any further enquiries regarding Diocesan Synod, please contact Jayne Tarry (01962 737348).


Diocesan Synod elections were last held in 2012 and have a 3 year cycle: next due in 2015 for the new triennium from 1 January 2016.