The Channel Islands


The Channel Islands were previously part of the Diocese of Coutances.  Following an unsuccessful attempt to transfer the Islands to the Diocese of Salisbury, Pope Alexander VI transferred them to Winchester by a Bull dated 20th January 1499/1500.  However, the Bishops of Coutances continued to exercise de facto jurisdiction and it was not until an Order in Council of 11th March 1569 that the Channel Islands were finally placed under the Episcopal jurisdiction of the Bishop of Winchester.

The Channel Islands are divided into two Bailiwicks and Deaneries.  The Bailiwick/Deanery boundaries are coterminous.
The Bailiwick/Deanery of Jersey comprises the Island of Jersey.  The Bailiwick/Deanery of Guernsey comprises the Islands of Guernsey, Alderney and Sark.  Alderney and Sark both have a large measure of independence within the Bailiwick of Guernsey and have legislative assemblies of their own.



Deanery of Jersey

Population: 100,000
Area: 45 square miles
Ecclesiastical Parishes: 18
Stipendiary Clergy: 15
Chaplains Hospital / Prison: 2
House for Duty: 3
Self-Supporting Ministers: 7
Readers: 22

Deanery of Guernsey

Population: Guernsey, 62,200; Alderney, 2,200; Sark, 600; Total: 65,000
Area: Guernsey, 25; Alderney, 3; Sark, 2; Total: 30 square miles
Ecclesiastical Parishes: 16
Stipendiary Clergy: 11
House for Duty: 1
Self-Supporting Ministers: 6
Readers: 19
The dominant economic sector in both Guernsey and Jersey is international finance. Other sectors include tourism, agriculture and light industry. There is relatively little unemployment (Guernsey currently 1.6%).




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